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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Car Hire

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Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Roissy En France, 95700
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Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Roissy En France, 95700
Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Niveau Arrivee Porte 26, Roissy En France, 95700
Gare Sncf Tgv, Roissy En France, 95711
Park Effia Lev-6 4 Rue Compiegne, Return:park Indigo-4 2 Rue Amb.pare, Paris, 75010
Paris Bastille (21.4 km)
Paris, 75012
Return : Indigo 191 Rue De Bercy, Paris, 75012
42 Avenue De Saxe, Paris, 75007
Paris (24.3 km)
28 Avenue Charles De Gaulle, Neuilly Sur Seine, 92200
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Car Hire Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Small streets old, large boulevards and pharaonic roundabouts are part of the charm of the capital and with a destination car in Paris, it will be possible to discover all aspects of the beautiful city. As part of the largest cities of France, Paris is very well served by public transport. If you come to Germany, England, or Spain, you will arrive, through the train, directly in the heart of the city. Two airports are also present to welcome travelers from around the world. If you are on a destination car in Paris, you can slip you easily in remote areas of the centre through the network of motorways of the Paris urban area.

The city of Paris offers visitors many important religious buildings such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris or the Basilica of the sacred heart. The Eiffel Tower, the centre Pompidou or the pyramid of the Louvre demonstrate innovative architecture of the 20th century. With a car in Paris destination, you can easily go to visit the area of defence and then take a ride on the Champs-Elysées without wasting time. Many gardens exist in the heart of Paris. The most famous are certainly the Tuileries Gardens, the Champs de Mars and the garden of the Luxembourg.

Feel free to get out of your car destination in Paris to navigate the River, on a Bateau and discover the city water. Paris is a very rich history through its revolution. For the route of the Parisian people from the capital to the Palace of Versailles, a destination Paris car you will be very useful. Paris nightlife is also very lively and varied. Theatre, Opera, cinema, discotheque, you have only the embarrassment of the choice. The subway not circulating at night, it is better predict a destination drive in nocturnal Paris for your outings.

Paris is a city very renowned for its many pubs and breweries and is very heard and star-shaped heads are not lacking, then do not hesitate to ride car in Paris on a destination to find the gourmet restaurant of your choice.

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Paris is a city of romance, harmony, full of culture and history. Explore this fascinating city, which will take your breath away with your rental car. History on modern meets new, old. The most visited city in France will charm you! Proceed with your rental car through the area and inhale the atmosphere of this charming city. In some streets, you are reminds of middle ages, in others you feel pulled in the future. But not only the typical Paris landmark, but also the mix of the population sets the tone in the city.

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With the car by Paris

Feel the freedom and relaxation with your rental car! Pick up your rental car directly from the Charles de Gaulle airport and drive comfortably to your destination. Be seduced by your rental car but also to Marseille, most important French port city. Their rental car gives you the opportunity to explore the area at the time at which you want. Enjoy the independence during your holiday! The probably most famous landmark of the capital of France is the Eiffel Tower. Just leave your rental car and admire this work of art that was built already in 1889. A different Paris is Lady the massive cathedral of Notre de Paris, which is available on the Ile-de-la-Cité. This Cathedral became really famous Lady, who is been filmed many times after the novel of by Victor Hugo, the Hunchback of Notre. The result of the work since the 12th century is a hinreisendes Gothic masterpiece with three fantastic window rosettes. Use your rental car to visit the much admired Museum Louvre. This was already opened at the end of the 18th century and with four floors and three wings with extensive permanent exhibition this is visited daily by thousands of tourists. In Paris, there are also other numerous museums like d ' Orsay Museum, Picasso Museum and the Rodin Museum.

As well as many Paris over the weekend, should you go with your rental car in the country, the so-called Provice, and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. The Normandy is especially recommended with your medieval castles in the North. Drive your car in the South of France and visiting the area of Bordeaux, to taste the famous wines or drive Riviera near the Spanish border to Toulouse or South on the French to Nice.

Treat yourself to your rental car a relaxing trip and visit the island of Corsica.

The pleasure with your rental car

Relax a little bit of the strong Paris atmosphere and continue with your rental car to Lyon, which was founded by the Romans and now belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a walk after a long day! Visit the famous Champs-Elysées or the Trocadero, which is full especially during the night of visitors. Whether you are looking for culture, attractions, fun or romance, Paris offers you! Be seduced by your rental car after Carcassonne! Reserve your online car hire with access, cheaper get none. Enjoy the freedom that your rent a car provides you!

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