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Nantes Airport Brittany Car Hire

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Car Hire Nantes Airport Brittany

If you plan to visit the city of Nantes, you will not be disappointed by the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this place. While Nantes has good ways of transport, we recommend you the destination of car in Nantes. You can move very easily without having to wait for the next bus or having to find a taxi. Located 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Nantes extends on the banks of the Loire in the Loire-Atlantique department. Nantes is part of the metropolis of Great-West, like the cities of Rennes and Bres t. With its 283.000, it is the 6th most populous region of France. Its oceanic climate and its geographical situation, Nantes attracts many tourists. If you are an outstanding surfer, the car destination Nantes will be perfect for you: no need to renounce your hobby favorite, just because you have come by train or by plane through the Nantes-Atlantique Airport yet. With its historical past, the city of Nantes combines modern architecture with a classical architecture Breton. You will notice that, until now, many associate the city in the region of Brittany, but if you talk of Nantes to bretons, ces-last answer that it does in any part of the Brittany region. If you want to explore the surrounding area, we recommend that you investigate a little more below and if you took a car destination when making your booking for the city of Nantes, nothing prevents you to go on the island of Noirmoutier, a few kilometres away. This small resort will charm you by its beautiful landscape and its warm welcome. However, if you want to go to the North, Rennes is located 100 km from Nantes. The capital of Brittany will take you in a modern Celtic universe where you can taste pancakes and drink a jug of cider. And if the route does not make you afraid, take the road in the direction of the second university town: Brest. Located 255 km from Nantes, this port city offer you a splendid view of the great vessels, cruise ships, or perhaps even aircraft carriers. As you can therefore see, Nantes-much to offer. A metropolis opened two worlds, a Celtic and the other French. Two worlds that she knew tame and combine to become one of the main tourist attractions of France. Be it by plane, by train, by car, boat or even on foot, all roads lead to Nantes.

More Information About Nantes Brittany

Nantes was the capital of Brittany in France a long time. Today a very popular tourist destination, because of their centuries-old history is about 300 000 people and the many attractions of this period. Nantes is a fascinating city that mixes modern skyscrapers with Jundendstiel-courses, canals and a lively old town. Not to mention the high-tech workshop, the Nantes is a modern face. Nantes is about 55 km from the Atlantic Ocean inland Brittany on the river Loire.

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Rent a car in Nantes

Since the 18th century., Nantes was the leading port of France century evolved in the 19th to a modern industrial centre. The first worldwide öffendliche transport, the omnibus, was placed in Nantes in 1826 in operation.

Want to know the Côte d ' Azur? Drive with your rental car at the glamorous Cannes or even East to Nice! The economy of Nantes is closely connected with the boat up in the 20th century. When the yards were moved to St. Nazaire, Nantes turned into a thriving student and above all cultural centre. The city can be compared with that of Bordeaux and is growing every day. Every second inhabitant of Nantes is today under 40 years of age. Thus, the city has developed a very lively and young and spirited lifestyle. Be a lively night life with many restaurants and bars here, live music scenes and theatre.

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Indivituell travel with a rental car through Nantes

Continue with your rental car through the city and visit the sights. Visit the Chateau of the Dukes of Brittany, was released after his 15-year restoration in 2007 again for visitors. The Jardin des Plantes is remarkable with its beautiful flower beds, fountains, and ponds. Let your children also play on the playground, which is located inside. Drive your car to the port to the showroom and visit the Les machines de l ' Ile de Nantes. It is a modern museum which displays many exhibits of modern French and international artists. In any case, Miss not the beautiful museums of Nantes. Visit the Jules Verne - Museum, the Art Museum of Nantes, which dates back to at the time of Napoleon and the Museum of natural history. Or simply stroll through the beautiful old town and admire the beautiful buildings of the city. Visit the surroundings of Brittany with your rental car.

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