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Montpellier Airport Car Hire

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Mauguio, 34130 (France)
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Mauguio (1.9 km)
De La Banquiere, 34000
1521 Rue De La Fontaine, 34000
1er Etage, 34000
Montpellier (7.0 km)
Baillargues (10.1 km)
Bassin Tortue, Le Marin, 97290
Lunel (19.1 km)
352 Avenue De Vidourle, Lunel, 34400, Fr
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Car Hire Montpellier Airport

Montpellier is a city whose climate will charm you and where it is good to live. The city attracts by its geographical location, its gastronomy and its beaches. Located in the South of the France, in the Hérault département and the region of Languedoc-Roussillon Montpellier welcomes almost 253 700 inhabitants. Students are not wrong and have made the 7th University pole of France city. All subsidiaries are represented and many large schools can be found at Montpellier. But "The city where the sun never" as the slogan of the Town Hall said, attracts not only for its universities, because of its geographical position, it is the point of ideal departure for excursions. Located 50 km from the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier will be able to convince potential vacationers. If you have booked a car destination at Montpellier during your stay, will it serve you in the historical centre of Montpellier, because it is pedestrian and motorized vehicles are not welcome. However, your destination car in Montpellier will be very useful if the envy you took to visit Nîmes, which lies just 52 km from Montpellier.

You can visit the famous arenas and perhaps attend a bulls battle or a carmargue race. If bullfighting is not your cup of tea, you will find 61 km from Montpellier, the beautiful city of Béziers. The riquets of Béziers must be tried and a small country like the cataroise wine. Marseille and its port await you at 168 km from Montpellier if you want to visit one of the largest cities of France. The car destination Montpellier prove to be a means of transportation very useful for to move you from city to city. Return to Montpellier, thanking a visit its numerous cinemas, theatres, museums or restaurants.

The Scutcheon with the historic centre is named, is the ideal starting point to visit the different neighbourhoods of Montpellier. Go take a look at the Babote Tower, one of three historic monuments that Richelieu was not fully able to demolish. This former Astronomical Observatory will offer you a magnificent view over Montpellier and its surroundings. The many churches and cathedrals and castles, you show a small piece of the historic past of Montpellier, which is found also in the architecture of the city and street names. Thus, surprised not you walk the streets of the red flag. Montpellier worth in all cases.

More Information About Montpellier

Montpellier is an innovative Unversitätsstadt with approximately 300 000 inhabitants and much energy and vitality. Their good reputation to be a hospitable city and their many young people - students, who set the tone with here with their activities, attract more and more tourists, thus Montperllier is one of the fastest growing cities in France.

Montpellier is located close to Nice. Take a trip with your rental car and thus discover both cities! Cannes is also in the way! Take a break in the city of the movie lovers! Car hire Montpellier: Are you looking for a cheap car for Montpellier? Book now! We offer cheap car hire Montpellier at!

Learn Montpellier with a car

Montpellier is located directly on the Mediterranean coast and offers many sandy beaches, but it has to offer much more than Beach tourism. Discover the historic centre of Montpellier, with its narrow streets and many restaurants and bars that have shaped this region. Also you can enjoy even the most attractions here. Montpellier has become to the developed one of the leading destinations for tourists. Look around and discover the sights, such as for example the Cathedral of St. Pierre, who stands out with its twin towers or walk along the promenade en calèche. You will spend the best time when you rent a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a pleasant ride along the promenade. If you want to discover the culture of the Southern French? Visit Marseille with your rental car and you will feel at home! You will find the most beautiful attractions and sights to the place de la Comédie. There are can be admired, the originating triumphal arch from the 17th century., which is an Nachamung of symbol of Paris. Climb the Tower of the Carré Sainte Anne Church and admire the city skyline. From there, you can admire the private villas, which are also known as hotels Particuliers.

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Rent a car in Montpellier

Go into your rental car and visit the two Languedocien, which houses a rich collection of Gallo-Roman. In the Museum de Vieux Montpellier, you can keep track of the history of the city and in the Atger Museum many traditional works of art and European masterpieces by famous French artists, such as painting, can admire. Make a round trip with your rental car in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, approximately in the Montpellier. You will meet so the Customs and the lifestyle of the Southern French that is different from the North. Book a rental car for Montpellier and enjoy the dynamic city!

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