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Bordeaux Airport Car Hire

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Merignac, 33700 (France)
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Merignac (1.4 km)
150 Avenue De L'argonne, Merignac, 33700, B
Gutenberg (3.6 km)
15 Rue Gutenberg, Merignac, 33700
Merignac (4.0 km)
Parc Chateau Rouquey, Le Haillan, 33185
Pessac (7.3 km)
Avenue Tuillecentre, Centre Commercial Casino, Pessac, 33600
Bordeaux (9.6 km)
1 Rue La Seigliere, 33800, B
Gradignan (10.4 km)
Train station (11.5 km)
St Jean Belcier,pont Du Guit Niv 5, 33800
665 Avenue De L'europe Za De La Garosse Stavi Aquitaine, Za De La Garosse Stavi Aquitaine, Saint Andre De Cubzac, 33240
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Car Hire Bordeaux Airport

The city of Bordeaux or rather the name Bordeaux is known around the world, not because of the girondins of Bordeaux football club but because of its excellent wine. However, this city has much more to offer in addition to a simple nectar à base de raisins. In destination car in Bordeaux, take the easy road. Bordeaux is located southwest of the France, in the Gironde Department, in the Aquitaine region. It is the 9th largest city in the country with 235 180 people who inhabit. Located on the Atlantic coast, on the edge of the landes of Gascony, Bordeaux attracts many tourists each year. Despite the fact that the city is very well equipped with the means of transport, especially since the 2000s, where Bordeaux to implemented the use of the tramway, it is recommended to take a car destination in Bordeaux during your stay.

You can you easily move and visit the neighbouring cities like Arcachon, located 51 km from where make you in the neighbouring country in San Sebastian in Spain, which is 200 km from Bordeaux. In addition, thanks to the A10, those who use the destination car at the airport of Bordeaux may use a road axis linking northern Europe to the South Europe in short time. The city of Bordeaux is a city of arts and history, and you won't have the opportunity to annoy you. Many theatres, museums, cathedrals, remnants of the historic past are available to make you aware of the history of the city and culture lovers will be delighted. Bordeaux is still the 2nd city of arts behind Paris.

Destination Bordeaux cheap car, you are along the Garonne River which runs through the city and to get to the Port of the Moon, location classified world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. This being explored, head to the famous vineyards of Bordeaux, one of the most famous in the world, that all foreigners envy. Go try a merlot or a sauvignon or go on the village of Saint-Emilion or that of Sauternes. However, if you succumb to the Bordeaux wine delights, you must accompany these beverages with a Bordeaux kitchen, too, very much appreciated. That tell you the fish to the bordelaise lamprey bordelaise, this sauce with tomatoes, bacon, chocolate and red wine affolera your taste buds. Thus, many say Bordeaux that c' is a large City University, little worthy of interest, but after your stay, you will be surprised to see that finally, Bordeaux should be seen at least once in his life. Because in this city, everything is possible.

More Information About Bordeaux

On the South coast you will find the political, spiritual and economic center of France, Bordeaux. The University is known as the Centre of the wine-growing areas. For numerous films, the historic ensemble has served as a backdrop, considered to be the most beautiful in France. Explore this wonderful city, which is barely 50 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Be enchanted to Bordeaux, the town which has kept to this day your original appearance and historical image. The magnificent port city of Nice is located in the South of France!

Car hire for all Bordeaux with the best prices for access for you. Book your cheap car hire with top offers here! Visit the capital of France Paris with your rental car!

With the car by Bordeaux

Save the whole stress of the transport and pick up from already nternationalen airport your rental car I. You will impress, the streets of Bordeaux's with the harmony of their rows of houses by the gardens and parks, but also the layout of the streets and squares, which are easy to navigate with your rental car. The 'front', where narrow town houses were built on a few kilometres is very famous. Behind it hide old churches and town gates. Visit with your car hire Toulouse, which lies on the River Garonne!

Leave your rental car in short times and discover the city on foot. Visit the Cathedral, which belongs to the largest of the country with your size. The Church of our Lady of the seventeenth century or the synagogue of Bordeaux, which was built by the Jewish community in the 19th century is recommended. Another Church, the Sacre Coeur de Bordeaux, belongs also to the largest your style and is located near the central station.

You will find intressant medieval castles? Take your car to Carcassonne to the once largest castle in Europe! The interesting highway bridge, the Pont d'Aquitaine, was created specifically so that ocean-going vessels to pass. You will find not only sights, but also numerous museums in Bordeaux. Use your rental car, easier to get to the Musée d'Aquitaine, which are among the largest regional museums of the country. Art lovers will be especially on the Gallery of fine arts, which includes a fenomenale collection of classical painting.

Their cheaper car hire gives you the freedom to visit all the towns, hidden corners and other cities of France. Take a trip to Marseille, one of the most important port cities in Europe!

The pleasure with your rental car

Bordeaux is known for the culinary arts, which are prepared in addition to the important and interesting sights. The vineyards, seafood and mixed culture lead to a tasteful mixture, which attract many visitors. Take your car to one of the small restaurants and enjoy the romantic atmosphere with exceptionally good dishes and wines.

Miss not of Lyon to visit! You will have a relaxing trip! Thanks to your cheap rental car not only throughout Bordeaux, are to explore but also the nearby cities! Book your cheap car hire with us. Cheaper, you get no top offers. Enjoy Bordeaux with a rental car at best prices access rent a car!

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