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La Rochelle Airport Car Hire

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Rue Du Jura, La Rochelle Gare, La Rochelle, 17000 (France)
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Nearby Destinations

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Car Hire La Rochelle Airport

La Rochelle is a city in the famous mid-Atlantic by its history and its strategic position facing the ocean, which earned him the title of "Porte océane". La Rochelle is a must-see destination for lovers of the sea and a millennial City cultural heritage very rich. La Rochelle, is a port city of first order, even today. The neighbouring islands of Oléron, Ré and Aix indeed form an OCEANE barrier that protects La Rochelle of storms and other vagaries of time. Either incidentally, can go to La Rochelle without making a detour by at least one of these islands, which the verdant beauty in dream destinations. The island of Ré and Oléron Island are accessible by road; a simple car in the city centre destination (the car destination La Rochelle is no problem) will allow you to join in barely a quarter of an hour the bridge of the island of Ré, which said that it is the largest bridge of France. With its almost three kilometers long overlooking the Ocean (2 926,5 metres), it is for him only a work of art worth the detour. At the West end of the island, don't miss the famous whale lighthouse, which has seen to fail both these huge mammals. But visit the neighbouring islands, must be seen the three ports of La Rochelle, the fishing port, trade, and the old port, reconverted into Marina. The aquarium of la Rochelle, located in the heart of downtown, is one of the greatest of France. If whales, the aquarium has a large pool of sharks and more than 10 000 different marine species. For cheap, you can also try a visit to the walled city of La Rochelle. The Tower Saint Nicolas and the chain are the main remnants of the medieval walls razed by Richelieu in 1628, at the end of the siege of La Rochelle. These two towers attract alone nearly 100,000 visitors per year. Finally, one cannot speak of La Rochelle without mentioning the famous Fort Boyard. A small cruise from the port of La Rochelle interisland, will allow you to approach the nearest this famous fortification which was a prison in the 18th century. To reach the neighbouring island of Oléron (approximately 30 kilometres from La Rochelle), the largest island of France after the island of Corsica, a destination car in La Rochelle will be essential. The bridge crossing, free for a decade, may allow you to see Fort Boyard offshore: open the eye..

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