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Rome Fiumicino Airport Car Hire

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Fiumicino Internatl. Apt, Fiumicino, 00054 (Italy)
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Nearby Destinations

Fiumicino (4.6 km)
Via Portuense 2413, Fiumicino, 00054
Ostia (6.9 km)
Roma Lido Di Ostia, Rome, 00121
Ostia Lido (6.9 km)
Corso Duca Di Genova, 9, Lazio, Ostia Lido, 00121
Via Baldo Degli Ubaldi 116, Rome, 00167
Circonv Gianicolense 53, Roma, 00152
Via Sicilia 36, Rome, 00187
Car Return: Via Giolitti 267, Via Giolitti, 34, Roma, 00185
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Car Hire Rome Fiumicino Airport

Discover Rome, the birthplace of the former Roman empire. The capital of the Italy, Rome is a large city where cultural and historical treasures abound. Fuimicino airport is the main airport of the capital. If you take a car rental in Rome, you know that Roman conduct is distinguished not by his caution.

Rome was able to retain its historic charm throughout the last thousand years. Located on the Tiber, the city is an open book where every stone tells an episode of the history of this megalopolis. Monuments, palaces, ruins, museums, parks, churches and streets are at your feet to make you discover the wonders of Rome .

Rome is located on seven hills: Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino, Celio, Aventine and Capitolino. Quirinale houses the statues of Castor and Pollux and the Palazzo del Quirinale, where lives the President of the Italian Republic. Beside it is the smallest of the hills, the Viminale, with Piazza della Repubblica, the most beautiful of Rome. Come and visit the Domus Aurea in Monte Oppio of Esquilino Hill, former residence of Virgil and Horace. Celio & Aventine is certainly the most beautiful Roman but also the least populated hills. It is home to the Villa Celimontana and the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, where the famous "mouth of the truth". The Capitolino, located between the Palatino and the Quirinale offers religious monuments of unquestionable beauty. A rental car in Rome will allow you to go Hill Hill and neighbourhood in district but will need to demonstrate great patience while driving.

Discover the ancient Rome with the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the walls of Aurélien. Travel in time to the Baroque Rome and admire the Trevi Fountain, Navona Place or the Place of Spain. Trastevere is the neighbourhood more fashionable Rome: summer nights are an ideal setting to discover Italian night life. Come and visit the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere and come and dance the night away in one of its many discos.

But the place the more convoîté of Rome certainly is the Vatican City that attracts every year thousands of visitors and worshippers with its St Peter Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

But with a rental car in Rome, you can leave the city and go to the discovery of sites such as Castel Gandolfo or Fuimicino on the coast.

Come get a taste of Italian cuisine and enjoy in one of the many restaurants or bars in Rome before a true espresso.

More Information About Rome Fiumicino

The eternal city of Rome of Italy, on the ruins of various emperors of Rome, bequeathed their names who have tried to conquer the world, offers the visitor as a living museum. Seamlessly experience the journey from the past into the present.

Many in the noisy streets, cars quickly over to the old sidewalks and trendy wine bars and discos are looking after to Fellini's ' La Dolce Vita'. Experience this journey with your rental car. Leave your rental car to Milan or Bergamo seduced by you, which are about 6 hours away from Rome. Here are some of the most famous fashion designers in the world and can spend the whole day with display window gazing and shopping. Enjoy your freedom with a cheap rental car from access for Rome.

Experience Rome with a car

To get a taste of Baroque, you climb up the famous Spanish steps at the 'Piazza de Spania' built in the year 1725. Stroll through the 'Piazza Navona' or throw a fortune coin in the beautiful 'Fontana di Trevi'.

The visit to the 'Colosseum', the stunning pantheon of Rome is a must. The Sistine Chapel of the Vatican with the famous, scrumptious ceiling and the wall of the altar with the 'last supper' of Michel Angelo. The Vatican museums offer an inspiring visit to one of the world's largest art collections. In three hours you can be located in Florence, the former capital of Italy! Leave your rental car after Naples seduced by you,

Due to the high temperature pull most locals in the summer on the coast, therefore it is recommended to visit Rome, as the most cafés and bars are closed to the daylight saving time in the spring or autumn.

Rent a car in Rome

Rome, the dynamic and full history and modern present, city offers something every visitor. With a unique flair Rome will seduce you already you at your arrival. Enjoy of your rental car to Bologna, Italy's most beautiful city!

Explore Rome, museums and monuments with a top rome airport car hire with access rent a car.

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