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Palermo Airport Car Hire

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Airport Punta Raisi, Palermo, 90045 (Italy)
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Contrada Scalette, Cinisi, 90045
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C/o Car Park Metropark, 90144
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Via Delle Magnolie, 33
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Palermo (24.3 km)
6/a Via Mariano Stabile, 90100
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Car Hire Palermo Airport

The city of Palermo is located on the northwest coast of Sicily, in Mediterranean. Regional capital, it has a population of 700,000 and seethes animations typically Latin. City of Metropolitan type, Palermo opens in range with its picturesque harbour, surrounded by powerful massive sloping landscape of stunning beauty to the verdant d'Oro Conca ("shell of gold").

You can find a car rental at Palermo Punta Raisi airport which will allow you to join Palermo, 40 km. Leave your car from the centre and browse Palermo on foot. You will thus discover the historic centre, its streets, its facades. You'll be amazed by the splendour of the Piazza Pretoria and the Fontana delle shamelessly, restored recently.

At the crossroads of civilizations, between East and West, Palermo has a legacy impressive people with very different cultures who set foot. Among them, the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, the Austrian, the Spanish, all have left their imprint which gives the city a special atmosphere. You will discover the arabo-normande architecture of Palermo no equivalent elsewhere. You will thus see the Palace of the Normans, grandiose and monumental building, headquarters of the Norman rulers and Swabians, the Palatine Chapel and the majestic Cathedral of Palermo, managed in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Returning your rental car in Palermo, let you still guide the smells and sounds many markets of Palermo, in the unique atmosphere which constitute only a real tourist attraction to them. Choose to make your purchases at merchants who refuse to pay the mafia racketeering and who identify themselves as under the term "pizzo free".

Palermo, hot and dry climate. Try local specialities like the panini meat, fresh salads and pizza restaurant "Il proverbio" Via Discesa.

The hosting offer is very wide in Palermo, ranging from the simple picturesque and family hotel to the luxurious complex tourist-4 stars. You will have no difficulty finding a roof allowing in all seasons.

Palermo cheap car rentals you will also discover the coastline and its many beaches and picturesque villages such as Isola del Feminne, Capaci and Monreale in the back country or simply one of the three natural reserves, including the Monte Pellegrino North of Palermoat 606 m of altitude.

More Information About Palermo

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and with a population of around 700,000 the fifth largest city in Italy. With a "cheap car" get best to their sights in the city of Monte Pellegrino.

The most famous fountain of the city is located close to the central square in Palermo, the Quattro Canti. The Fontana Pretoria, a fountain from the sixteenth century with 133 meters volume and a height of 12 meters.

Some way, but also with the car conveniently reachable, the Palazzo dei Normanni reminds of the Norman occupation of the city in the 11th century. The most important Church in Palermo, which Cathedral Assunta, is achieved with a cheap car hire Maria Santissima quickly and may on no cultural-historical excursion are missing.

Who is more interested in new art and culture, enters with the car quickly the Galleria d'Arte Moderna (modern art gallery), which since 1910 and houses collections of many Sicilian artists such as Ugo and Rutelli.

Sports fans drive in the Stadio Renzo Barbera, the football stadium, where the local series plays A Club US Palermo plays its home matches.

Online find a cheap flight to Palermo and can book the best hotel. Take your cheap rental car directly at the car hire at the airport of Palermo-Punta Raisi at reception and los headed in Sicily.

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