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Zagreb Airport Car Hire

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Ground Floor N°b5, Zagreb, 10000 (Croatia)
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Car Hire Zagreb Airport

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is a city with approximately 787700 inhabitants and has many attractions for visitors. Zagreb climate is continental and the best season to visit the city remains the summer. A destination of car in Zagreb will facilitate your trips. The city will seduce lovers of culture with its many theatres, its various art galleries and museums like the Museum Mimara. Music lovers can listen to the Conservatoire National Vatroslav Lisinski Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. Among the other monuments of the city of Zagreb, it is recommended to visit the Church of Saint-Marc and Cathedral Saint-Stéphane. But the place that you will attract the most is undoubtedly the Place Ban-Jelacic named so in honour of a Croatian General who served in the army of the Austro-Hungarian empire. This place is the centre of the pedestrian area of Zagreb and it is possible to park nearby if you destination car at the Zagreb airport. Zagreb is famous for its sports teams and it will be for you the opportunity to support - the Zagreb Dynamo - local football team regularly participates in the UEFA Cup or the RK Zagreb of handball which also promises intense matches to look at. Finally the city also offers many festivals and cultural events throughout the year such as the highly anticipated Film Festival "One-Take" (a single shooting and retouching).

Destination cheap car in Zagreb, it is relatively easy to move through Croatia. The coast of the Adriatic Sea is only 100 kilometers with the city of Rijeka or even Italy Trieste. Then, it is easy to along the beautiful coast of Dalmatia and joining the cities of Zadar and Split, two well-known resorts. But the jewel of the Croatian coast is the city of Dubrovnik in the South end of the country and that it is possible to reach from Zagreb through the Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Croatian capital also has a good connection with the capital of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Nature lovers will be excursions between Zadar and Zagreb and discover the karst topography of the region of the Lakes of Plitvice classified world heritage of UNESCO, or even make a cruise through the turn of the Kornati archipelago. Opportunities to discover the surroundings of Zagreb will be many destination car in Zagreb and you will feel comfortable in this dynamic and friendly countries and candidate to the European Union.

More Information About Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and largest city Kroa tiens. Zag reb has more than 1 million one people. The internal HSEQ Zagreb airport is located South-East. A small stroll through the city with her car and enjoy Zagreb.

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With the car by Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia's economic and Cultural Center has many places of interest. Visit the Donji grad, the business centre of Zagreb, in which you most, are cinemas, museums, shops, theatres and cafés. Also one of the first planned parks located in Europe, the Maksimir in Zagreb. Visit the historical nucleus, Gradec and Kaptol in Gornji grad, where you can walk through in a maze of quiet cobbled streets.

Not all too long tour, which is but definitely worthwhile. Go into your rental car and drive to the Pula. The city is about 3 hours away from Zagreb. Leave your car in the most beautiful city of Croatia seduced by you, to Dubrovnik! Book your rental car for Zagreb with access rent a car here cheap. Including fully comprehensive insurance without excess at a super price.

The pleasure with your rental car

Rijeka is only 2 hours away from Zagreb. Are you interested in artificially? Visit the Museum for art and industry, the Mimara Museum, the Museum of Zagreb, the archaeological museum and the Gallery of naive art. Zagreb is the safest capital in Europe according to current statistics. One can feel so always sure. Enjoy Zagreb with her car. Proceed with your rental car access rent a car by Zagreb and learn more about this fascinating city.

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