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Osijek Car Hire

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Sv L. Bogdana Mandica 113, Osijek, 31000 (Croatia)
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Airport (14.9 km)
Airport, Flight Number Mandatory, 31000
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Car Hire Osijek

Osijek is located far away from the Croatian coast and the Islands in the North - East of Croatia and has a population of around 120 000. It seems like another country, what it was for many centuries. Osijek was in the Hungarian part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The impact is very clear to see in the city centre, and the majistätisch Baroque buildings in the Viennese style and also to the rich hot spicy cuisine. Unfortunately, Osijek was a center of the fighting in Yugoslavia - war in the 1990s. Most of the buildings have stopped though, but you will see some wounds of that time that are slowly being restored.

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Easily forget that but the turmoil of the war, if you take a stroll on the banks of the Drau, which flows into the Danube on the outskirts of the city and separates Osijek from Serbia. If you love food, you will find some of the best restaurants in Croatia with local cuisine. In addition, the cafes in the city centre are always lively and full of visitors. In any case, the oldest part of Osijek - Tvrdja - is worth a visit worth. In the middle ages, Tvrda was an autonomous city, but after they had conquered the Austrians, walls and barracks were built and the city was transformed into a fortress.

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Go to Osijek and visit the Museum of Slavonia except the bastions, churches and squares. A popular destination is also the Franciscan monastery in Tvrdja and the Church of St. Anthony, built on the remains of a Turkish minaret. Definitely not in the village of Gornji, Miss degrees, the parish church of Peter and Paul. Climb up the Bell Tower, which is the second highest at 90 M in Croatia! Built between 1894 and 1898 it reflects the best of Vienna architecture with its 40 stained glass Windows and the walls of the Viennese sculptor Eduard Hauser. No matter what time of year you visit in Osijek, there numerous festivals take place: the cultural summer, autumn in Tvrdja, Beer Festival and the tamburitza Music Festival and of course the many different theatres of the city such as the Croatian national theatre or the children's Theatre Branko Mihaljevic if love the night life, you get your money in Osijek. Discos and bars are open day and night and offer great life!

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