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Car Hire Croatia

Croatia is a country of the southern Mediterranean Europe which has 4.5 million inhabitants and which in recent years has become a very popular tourist destination. Border with countries such as the Hungary or the Slovenia or the Serbia among others, Croatia has an extensive coastline which attracts many tourists. Croatia is currently served by a large number of airlines that offer exciting promotions throughout the year. As soon as you arrive at one of 68 airports in Croatia, the most important being the Zagreb airport, we recommend that you take a destination car in Croatia to travel freely. Tourism is an important source of revenue for Croatia. The number of hotels continues to grow to accommodate the tourism flow, which will allow you to easily find accommodation. We nevertheless recommend that you book your hotel before arriving in Croatia to avoid bad surprises, mainly in summer. With a destination car in this country, you can visit its capital, Zagreb, located north of the country, which is full of tourist sites laced history. Enjoy a tour of the Ban Jelacic square, the Cathedral or even attend the international Festival of film animation in Zagreb. In car destination, you can also discover the coast of this country where the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. North of the coast, Kvarner will delight visitors who love worldly and chic, cities such as Opatija with its villas luxieuses and his 12 kilometres long promenade. To the South of this country, is the region of Dalmatia with the cities of Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and a thousand islands and islets. Come bathe in the crystalline water of the Adriatic Sea, discover the reefs of this coast where George Bernard Shaw said he discovered the paradise. Idyllic beaches, coves of dreams and dazzling scenery for you relax in the Sun. In addition to the beach and coastline, this country has eight national parks distributed across the country where you can walk in the mountainous forests and see chamois, sheep and even bears. With the destination of cheap this country car travel in freedom. Among the rich architectural heritage of this country don't forget to visit the Cathedral of St. Duje in Split, the Amphitheater of Pula, the Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin Mary in Dubrovnik or even the Church Saint-Siméon in Zadar. After your stay in this country, the image that you had in this country will be completely changed.

More Information About this country

Converts the Croats to the Roman Catholic zismus in the 7th century, etab activities an Inde giges King-rich in the 10th century., while the Serbs are to wanden the orthodoxy of the Eastern Byzantine Empire, which led to its peak in the year 1054, to the Great Schism. In the year 1089 was the so-called intra this country under the control of Hungary and thus the Habsburg monarchy. It remained so for eight centuries, while the greater part of Dalmatia was ruled by the Byzantine Empire, Venice and Austria periodically. Between the two world wars, it was a Serbian modified state that the Serbian this countryn relations deteriorated and was promoted in 1941 by the Nazis after the dismemberment of Jugoslaviens.

A so-called independent State of this country was founded in Zagreb, which included also Bosnia and Herzegovina and was ruled by the local fascist movement Ustasa. This condition resulted in a tripartite policy of genocide, for the violent conversion to Catholicism and the deportation of Serbs under the control of the regime. The special brutality of this regime is still, in the eyes of many, a red cloth against the this countryn nationalism. Car hire for all this country with the best prices.

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this country received its independence in 1991, when the former Yugoslavia disintegrated. The hilly zagorje region is located in the North of the capital Zagreb. Drive your car to the East. The fertile Pannonian plain borders on the Drava, Danube and Sava rivers is located in there. Over a third of this country is forested.

Be seduced by your rental car to Pula! Tourism is a major source of income for this country. The most famous area in this country and a climb with your rental car value, the Dalmatian coast with its hundreds of Islands and the historic cities of Dubrovnik, split and Zadar. Six sites classified by UNESCO as world heritage and eight national parks are located in this country. Order the cheapest rental car at and discover this country!

A pleasure with your rental car this country to discover

In the this countryn kitchen is like grilled. But also smoked Dalmatian ham, salted sardines, cheese and salami with paprika taste like to eat. this country that can look back on a long tradition of wine-growing is also known for its wines. However, the most famous are the seafood which exist abundantly on the Adriatic coast. Go into your rental car and visit the beautiful city of split. Continue with your rental car and visit one of the tourist areas in Istria, where there is also a rich nightlife in addition to the many small and charming restaurants.

In addition to nightclubs and casinos, you will discover most hotels that offer their own programs. offers the top car hire deals at the best price for this country.

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