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Dresden Airport Car Hire

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Wilhelmine-reichard-ring 1, Dresden, 01109 (Germany)
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Right Side "bahnhof Neustadt", 01097
Centre (8.6 km)
***open 24 Hour Every Day***, 01069
Train Station (9.4 km)
Am Hauptbahnhof 4, 01069
West (10.7 km)
C/o Sachsengarage Gmbh, Reisewitzer Strasse 82, 01159, Sn
Hauboldstrasse 5 An Der Zulassungsstelle, 01239
Freital (14.7 km)
Meissen (20.0 km)
Grossenhainer Strasse 37, Meissen, 01662
Pirna (22.4 km)
Zehistaer Strasse 1, Pirna, 01796
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Car Hire Dresden Airport

Dresden is the capital of Saxony and with almost 520,000 inhabitants metropolitan area of the free State. The city also Elbflorenz called due to their many art collections and as a result of Mediterranean architecture, was first mentioned in the year 1206 and scenic lies on the River.

Historic city of Dresden in Saxony, Germany

With a cheap rental car get in Dresden quickly and easily to the different attractions. In the city, on theatre square, stands the most famous structure in the city, the Semper Opera House that was destroyed twice in its history and now shines in new splendour. Also in the city centre, but still well with the car, is the Catholic Church, a cathedral of the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen, which was built in the years 1739 to 1755 in the style of the Baroque period. Requires no rental cars, if you want to watch another highlight of the Saxon State capital, the kennel. This, also in the Baroque style built complex with extensive gardens, is situated directly next to the Semper Opera, the Church and the Palace and is therefore easily accessible by foot.

After so much architecture and culture more the sense is whom after light entertainment, which arrives with his car located in the outer Neustadt and find the show Castle, one of the most traditional and most popular cinemas of the city. With us you can book a cheap flight to Dresden and a cheap car. Take this directly to the car hire at the airport in reception. How to get without waiting to the sights and the best hotels in Dresden.

More Information About Dresden

Dresden is the capital of Saxony in the North - East Germany, has around 500 000 inhabitants and lies on the river Elbe. Dresden, as we know it, is known for its fine Porzelanproduktion, but there is again but in hindsight very well much to see more in this beautiful city, which after the bombs of the 2nd World War was almost completely destroyed, built and has been restored. Visit Dresden, and you will be charmed by its wonderful historical museums and buildings, idyllic gardens and serene atmosphere.

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Experience Dresden with a rental car

Visit the hygiene-Museum, the only of its kind here in Dresden the world! Drive your car through Dresden and admire their sights! The city has many wonderful old churches. The Catholic Church as the Church of St. Trinitas known, is the largest church in Saxony, built in the 18th century. It is known for your façade decorated in the Baroque style with 38 figures of in biblical and historical history. The Church is on the market, the old market square of the city. It is also the 13th century., however, the building now stands was built in 17.

You can visit the nearby Chemnitz with your rental car or something South the city of the book and fair site of Germany - Leipzig! The wonderful Castle of Dresden's old town is the enclosure, built mostly in the 18th century. It is a large complex of six interconnected pavilions decorated with any known form of the Baroque ornamentation. A well which is surrounded by a wonderful park is in the Centre of the complex. Also you will find here a collection of paintings with old masters, which may be among the most important in the world.

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Experience Dresden with a car

Of course, you can visit a collection of fine porcelain and armor and weapons from the armoury of Saxon, as well as from around the world here. Dresden's leading art collection is named the Albertinum, after King Albert of Saxony, who had the idea to collect art treasures.

If you want to visit the largest port of Germany? Visit the Hanseatic City of Hamburg with your rental car! Relax in the large garden of Dresden, is a good place for children with its botanical garden and a zoo. Drive your car along the road 'at the Golden tab'. If you are looking for antiques, you will find the best shops of the city. Do you want to know also the area of Dresden? Drive 15 km outside the city to the Moritzburg nature park with your rental car. The Spreewald, a hour with your rental car in the North of Dresden is worth visiting also if you love pure nature, with meadows, Woods and channels.

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