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Car Hire Germany

The Germany is a country of Central Europe populated 80 million inhabitants and border with nine countries. Despite its continental type climate and a coastline limited on the North Sea and the Baltic, Germany remains a country with an exceptional cultural heritage, rich in traditions and very tourism. Given the very good network of motorways of the Germany, an itinerant circuit across the country in Germany car destination can be a good idea to discover the different cities.

A Berlin car destination tour

The capital of the Germany, Berlin, is a cosmopolitan metropolis of 3.5 million people. In destination car in Germany, you will discover the major sites of the city such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Tiergarten. Also is in the vicinity of Berlin, Potsdam, located in the heart of a Lake region. You can direct to the North and discover the Pomerania bordered by the Baltic Sea region and visit the Hanseatic cities of Germany such as Bremen, Rostock and Lübeck.

South of the this country of the East, the region of Saxony, take the time to discover its City Hall, Leipzig or Dresden and its magnificent Dresden Frauenkirche. Still continuing towards the South you reach Bavaria which is a quite particular region of the this country. Nuremberg will attract your attention with its castle and its walls.

Destination Bavaria tour car

Munich is a must-see destination for the this country and it will be a good idea to take the time to visit this metropolis. If you have the chance to arrive to the famous Oktoberfest, you take the time to taste the different beers and flat Bavarians. Near the border between the this country of the Switzerland are winter sports stations in the Alps and other impressive tourist sites such as Lake Constance or the castle of Neuschwanstein.

The other this country cities that deserve a visit, include Stuttgart and Frankfurt in the regions of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. The Valley of the Moselle between Trier and Koblenz will seduce lovers of wine while the Rhine Valley and the cities of Mainz or Cologne are worth a detour. Your roaming circuit through the this country destination car ends with the industrial region of the Ruhr or the large cities of the North: Kiel and Hamburg.

Gourmets will miss not at each new stage of connecting more ample with traditional dishes of this country. In all cities of the country, visitors will be able to make a stop in the 'bierstube' and discover the German hospitality.

More Information About this country

this country, the land of forests, lakes and medieval small towns. Explore it with your Miewagen that each year attracts thousands of visitors with the particularity that has only this country to the offering.

this country's fight for a uniform identity was a long way from numerous politically and religiously motivated wars. After the second world war and the victory of the Allied forces, they shared in two enemy this country. The Western powers kept the German Democratic Republic (GDR) the Western Federal Republic of this country and the Soviets. Berlin, the capital and the bone of contention, was obtaineilt with the same formula in the middle. The competition between the two States was not equal: the DDR was forced to adopt a Communist system contrary to the national character and was never able to rid as a client state of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the Federal Republic of this country as the natural successor of the old empire has evolved.

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Experience this country with a car

The German culture has hauptsätzlich developed by the common language and not in the borders of a State. The shared history of this country and Austria brought a good development of the culture. From the middle ages literature arose grass in the future with figures such as Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller to Thomas Mann and Günter.

Visit the capital of this country, Berlin, or the historic district of Berlin Adlershof and admire the numerous sights! Some composers of the classical - and Baroque music are world-famous such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Siegfried Wagner, and many others. The painting also had their place in German history. During the Renaissance was the most famous painter Albrecht Dürer, and during the baroque of Peter Paul Rubens, who later emigrated to Antwerp.

Stroll through the largest pedestrian zone at the Marienplatz and discover the romantic streets in Munich. this country also has a rich architectural history that ranges from antiquity to the present day, from the romantic and Gothic are still witnesses this contemporary time, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau, whose buildings, castles and monuments. Take a trip to your rental car. Tempt from your car hire to Hannover, the most beautiful city in this country! Visit the well-preserved castles and palaces of this country with your rental car from and guide through the history of this country. The geography of this country offers a rich variety of mountains, in the South the Alps and lakes, located to the North Sea with several small islands. With your rental car, you can freely and independently on the streets of this country. Use this to Memmingen, or to the Dutch border to get to Weeze! The German cuisine has to offer different variations from region to region. Except for the famous German beer, also the sausages are very well known as the Munich white sausage and bratwurst and the well-known sauerkraut as garnish. Go into your rental car and visit the largest port of this country in Hamburg. With a car, you can easily drive on this country's excellent roads and determine the diversity of culture from South to North. Take your car to Cologne and visit the famous Cologne Cathedral!

Enjoy this country with a car

Food tubes, offering every possible variety of sausages are what one finds everywhere and at every turn. This includes a beer and the day is perfect. Go into your rental car and visit one of the many Inns, to enjoy a three course meal. Of soup, meat and dessert, everything is in the process. The special is that it is another speciality served in each region. Thus one will never get bored. Drive your car across the country and try in every region, which has to offer them.

Enough of the food? All large cities offer a rich night life. Of discos, bars, nightclubs and concert - to opera houses or small wine bars. For everyone to see and to try out! Be seduced by your rental car to Düsseldorf. Especially Frankfurt am Main is well known for the variety of nightlife. offers the top car hire deals at the best price for this country.

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