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Car Hire Ukraine

The Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country in Europe which will make useful to a destination of Ukraine car to easily move the territory. Rich in history, it retains many vestiges of its past. You can go to the discovery of the cultural heritage and artistic of the country by travelling destination road car in Ukraine.

Move destination car in Ukraine

To get in Ukraine, you can fly and land on the slopes of one of the airports in the country. After your flight, you can quickly retrieve your car destination not expensive in Ukraine to reach your place of residence. In the country you will be able to move about by bus or train. You can also come directly to the destination Ukraine car through the road network leading to the country.

The most beautiful tours in this country

In this country, you will need to go in the city of Kiev, where you can see the monastery of the Pechers'ka Lavra, which is classified world heritage of Unesco, the underground chapels, Rodina Mat and place Maidan Nezalejnosti. The Cathedral, the Museum of Chernobyl, the Podil neighbourhood and the Bessarabskaya market are also worth the detour. Destination this country car, go to Lviv to admire its historical centre where mingle of many architectural styles.

The city also has many churches. It is a must-see city during a trip to this country. Make you also in the region of the Carpathian Mountains to discover the city of Kolomyya and its Museum of popular art specific. Destination this country car, go to Ivano-Frankivsk to see the architecture of the city. Odessa, you discover the historic district of the city, the Potemkin stairs and the Pushkin Museum. Head, in destination car in this country, Crimea where you can discover Sevastopol and Balaclava. The city of Yalta is also worthy of interest with its Cathedral and palaces. On your trip to this country, make you also at Kara Dag, which is a mountainous massif that houses a very interesting natural reserve.

During your stay in this country, you will have the possibility of discovering the culinary traditions of the country. On each of your steps in destination car in this country you will have the opportunity to taste the specialities of each region. Let you be tempted by a Kapustianyi, salad of cabbage with mayonnaise, a borsch soup to beet or a salo, Bacon believed, aillé and salted.

More Information About this country

The this country is located in Eastern Europe and is the second largest State in Europe, according to Russia. It belonged until 1991, where the country declared its independence, for 300 years to the Ukrainian Russian Union, SSR has about 45 million inhabitants and the capital is Kiev.

About rent a car in the this country

Book your cheap rental car from access for the this country and used the Carpathian mountains with the real primeval Woods in Europe which since 2007 to the UNESCO World Heritage. Pass in addition to the huge Sonnenblumenfaeldern with your rental car. The sunflower is the national flower of the this country.

Take your cheap rental car to the coast of Black Sea in the East of the country. There, you will find the largest German-speaking minority of the country. Visit the large cities of the country, such as the capital city of Kiev with your rental car. Discover the cultural attractions such as the Madjan - square (Independence Square), the Abbey Church of St Michael and many other churches in the city and the statue of the mother home which is higher overall height, with over 100 m than the statue of liberty New York. Discover you the history of the this country in the National Museum of Kiev and visit the TV Tower, which probably represents the highest Stahlfachwerkkontruktion of the world.

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Travel individually with a rental car through the this country

Drive your car on the Black Sea and visit the largest city, Odessa. Descend steps, the trademark of Odessa, the Potemkinische from the old town to the port. Discover the underground passages of the catacombs, which were used in World War II by the Partizanen.

Visit the this country and make a round trip with a cheap rental car from access throughout the country. You will be amazed! Here you will find the best car hire offers, for your trip. Discover the large or small places with your rental car

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