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Car Hire Turkey

The Turkey is the country which separates Europe from Asia and with 13 million inhabitants. A horse on the two continents, the Turkey always been instrumental making an exceptional place to visit. The Republic of the Turkey has become a must-see country both politically that culturally. The capital of the Turkey, Ankara, is located in Asia minor and is part of the cities of Turkey does not miss on your trip.

The Turkey is rich in history, only 4 and a half hours by plane from Paris. Discover the Turkey thousand colours and temperate climate, nothing better than a car in this country destination. The this country offers a wide range of landscapes: the West coast of the this country, washed by the Black Sea has nothing with the steep and rocky Eastern landscapes. What makes also its wealth and its tourist attraction.

But start your trip by Istanbul, classified world heritage of Unesco since 1985 and cultural capital of Europe in 2010. Celle was historically Byzantium and Constantinople, is a city of a rich culture breath. Visit the sumptuous mosque with its recognizable dome far Sainte-Sophie, the Topkapi Palace with its view on the Bosphorus, the Dolmabahçe Palace or the Süleymaniye Mosque. You have only the choice to visit the monuments of this city. Museums and bazaars are also discovering destination this country car to fine-tune your visit to Istanbul and bring back a souvenir of your trip.

A car destination step dearly this country will allow you to continue your visit to the European this country to Antalya, the Turkish Riviera and Izmir, port town with beaches for a relaxing moment. Once West explored, we invite you to attend the meeting of the other this country, that of Asia minor where landscapes seem out of another era and where tradition and authenticity are trademarks: destination car we invite you to go to the discovery of stunning sites like Cappadocia and its landscape Lunar result of births of the volcanoes in the region. An arid zone, where hospitality and the savoir-faire are still present. Regardless of the city of this country you will be visiting, you will be always pleasantly surprised. The this country is a country where hospitality, the joy of living, cultural resources, folklore and gastronomy does stop not dazzle you. After a visit of the this country, you leave with a whole other FDI

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The oldest historical record of the Turkish population show that their ancestors came from Central Asia.2000 BC-spread she are far in Asia and Europe and established themselves on these continents. After the 10th century, the most Turks took on the religion of Islam.

To connect to this major change, two great dynasties - the Karahanid divorced dynasty (10th and 11th century) and the Ghaznavid Dysnastie (in the 10 and 12 century) - in areas that are today known as Iran, Afgahnistan, and Northern India. Go to Bodrum and admire the beautiful city! Some Turks traveled southwest to Anatolia (Asia minor), also as the cradle of civilization known, because more than 20 cultures developed in this area and have developed civilisations: the Haetteaer, the Assyrians, the Lydianer, the Greeks, the Persians, Macedonians, the Ionians, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Turks. Tempt from your car hire to Antalya and Alanya

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The Ottomans ruled more than 6 centuries (1281 to 1922), in part because their system of Government allowed flexibility and practically different religions, languages and cultures were allowed. The sought-after reign of Sultan Suleiman I (1520-1566), is known as the golden age of the Ottoman Empire.

Born in a turbulent age of the permanent political and military conflicts, evolved into a very dynamic leader Suleyman at early age. To prepare themselves for his reign after his father's death (1520), he was Governor of a province in northwestern of Anatolia, in the age of 15. Sueleleyman has more than doubled the Ottoman Empire and its limits rimmed Eastern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa after his death in 1566. It was a full-fledged Muslim empire.

Let your rental car in the most beautiful city Turkeis seduced by you, to dalaman! The collapse of the Ottoman power began in the 18th century. Weakened she went into the first World War (1914-1918), fought and lost on several fronts in the entire Empire. Finally, Anatolia was obtaineilt by the alliirten armed forces. Although the Ottoman Empire was dissolved, the fights had just started for the Turks. With your rental car, you can freely and independently on the streets of Turkeis. Use this to get to Izmir!

Enjoy the this country with a car

Turks are very hospitable. During a visit to a Turkish House, it comes with free a small, such as sweets, fruit or flowers. The visit is an opportunity for harmony and joy. Visit this country and make a round trip with your cheap rental car from all historical sites that have developed from different cultures over the millennia. Achen your rental car a trip let your rental car to Marmaris or side seduced by We have put together all the top sites for other destinations:

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