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Car Hire Tunisia

The Tunisia is a country of the Maghreb border with the Algeria and the Libya. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich cultural heritage. A destination of car in Tunisia will be useful for to move you in this wonderful country. There are vestiges of the various peoples that have marked the country since ancient times: Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab. The ruins of the old city of Carthage destroyed by the Romans during the third Punic War are one of the major sites of the Tunisia and can be easily achieved by destination car in Tunisia from Tunis, the capital.

The first city in the country will seduce you by its Medina, historic district of the city but also by the new district created when the Tunisia was still a French colony. Plunging into the atmosphere of the souks of different cities, you will feel the magic and will be packaged by the Tunisia. Finally the climate of the country is of Mediterranean type on the coast and rather arid lands, which foreshadows much sun your next vacation in Tunisia. Destination this country cheap car, will allow you to make an itinerant circuit across the country and discover the many facets that conceals the this country. In the North of the country, you can venture to Cap Bon and discover its magnificent coastline. And then by going to the South, you will be able to make a stop at Hammammet, Sousse and Monastir. Sousse is one of the most beautiful cities of this country and the whole city is listed in the UNESCO world heritage with its Medina which remained intact. Then you will have the choice between follow the coast is the this country or well sink you into land to Kairouan which the mosque is also registered to UNESCO and to Tozeur hence leave excursions towards the oasis of the this countryn SaharaChott El-Jerid and the Jebil National Park. Along the East coast of this country, you will be taken in destination car Sfax and Gabès including the colonies and the souks are to visit. Finally for relaxing holiday under the Sun of this country, the island of Djerba near the Libyan border can welcome you to arm open with its large hotel capacity.

Djerba is the main destination for tourists who wish to spend holidays in this country. Finally the local culinary specialities will be each time a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Enjoy the traditional Shorba with Harissa sauce or you try pastries of the country by basis of figs and dates. Finally the mint tea is consumed at any time in this country.

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Explore the northernmost country of Africa - this country. In the East and North, it is defined by the Mediterranean Sea on the West by Algeria and in the South of Libya. The capital of this country is Tunis and has a population of around 2 million. It is a typically hectic Oriental city.

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In this country you will find especially fine crafts. Leather, basketry, the forging of jewelry, weaving, and above all the carpet-making have made known to this country. Go into your rental car and drive through the country. this country has three international airports, in Tunis, in Al Munastir and the island of Djerba. Take a day trip to the archeological finds of Karhago or the Sahara. Visit about 4 km with your rental car, outside of Tunis, the Museum Le Bardo, that Casa the most most important archeological finds of the country. The large number of preserved Roman mosaics, scattered throughout the country, are also worth seeing. Today, the this countryns use the largest Roman amphitheatre of the land in the town of Le Djem for concerts and various events.

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In the capital Tunis you will find the road signs in French, or notices to the immigrants of the past, for example. The place de Bercelone. The Italian, French and Berber influence has imparted to offer, various influences also the excellent cuisine of the country. In this country, you can also enjoy beach holiday on the Mediterranean coast. There is very developed in tourism with over 4 million tourists. The most popular tourist destinations are the island of Djerba, Monastir, Nabeul, sauce and Hammamet.

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