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Car Hire Slovenia

The Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe. It has a coastline along the Adriatic Sea and shares its borders with the Italy, Croatia, the Austria and the Hungary. A destination of car in Slovenia will be very useful for to move you easily throughout the territory. Countries rich in events past, he has bequeathed a great history. You can easily go to the discovery of the heritage of the country you roam on his land in destination Slovenia car.

Move destination car in Slovenia

To get in Slovenia, you can fly and land on the slopes of one of the airports in the country. After your flight, you will have the possibility of taking a car destination not expensive in Slovenia to reach your place of residence. You can also move through the territory by train or bus. You can also come directly to the destination Slovenia car road network converging to the country.

this country visits

In this country, you need to go to Ljubljana where you can admire the Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedral and the deck of Dragons. In destination car in this country, make you in the city of Kranj and its old centre. You can also discover the waterfall of Sum in the village of Zgornja Besnica. At Maribor, you can admire the Cathedral date from the 12th century and the Castle. Head, in destination car in this country, the oldest city in the country, Ptuj.

The cave of Postojna and Skocjan are a required step during a stay in this country as a detour by the stud farm in Lipica. Enjoy your destination this country car to get to the very popular Cerkniske Lake of Slovenes. Koper will allow you to admire the Adriatic Sea. The town of Piran, side, it is a medieval architecture worthy of great interest. Make you also to the natural park of the Secovlje salt, a place not to Miss vacation in this country. You can also indulge you in all kinds of sports in the Alps.

During your trip to this country, you will have the possibility of discovering the culinary specialties of the country. In your steps in destination this country car, you are traditional to make you enjoy a jota, composed of cabbage, beans and barley soup restaurants always, or even a cmoki Kruhovi which are dumplings made with bread. Feel free to taste the wine of the country which is very famous.

More Information About this country

From 1335 until 1918, with the exception of the years 1809 to 1814, the Slovenes were governed by the Habsburgs and the Austrian - Hungarian monarchy and the Austrian Crown lands of Carinthia, Carniola and Styria. An exception was only a small minority in the Republic of Venice. During the Napoleonic wars, the region of the French was taken from the Austrians and incorporated as a new part of the Illyrian provinces between 1809 and 1814.

Book your rental car already advance online to get at access to particularly favourable conditions. This short period of the Liberal Government promotes the slowe technical and South Slavic Nationâ lismus, which will expire at the end of first world war, in 1918, with the founding of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed to Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929). During the second world war, in 1941, Germany, Hungary and Italy shared to the territory among themselves. Despite the forced Umwanderungen of the population during the war, the most Slovenes living since 1945 in the this countryn Republic 1947 also acquired this countryn-speaking Bezierke on the Adriatic Sea (in Istria) from Italy. The Unzufriedeheit of this country with the jugolslawischen Federation grew up in the 1980s, which called for first greater autonomy and then independence. As the decline of communist power crumbled across Eastern Europe, this country carried out the first democratic elections in Yugoslavia since World War II, in April 1990. The victorious coalition called for independence and almost 90% of the population agreed to in a referendum in December 1990.

Are you looking for a cheap car hire for all this country? Rental car for your needs? car hire with of access for all this country here! In June 1991 and after various political unrest, including the rejection of the Serbian Government of the transfer of the rotating Presidency to the Croatian representative, this country and Croatia have each declared their independence from the Yugoslav Republic. The Serbs mobilized the Yugoslav people's Army (JNA), in both republics in an attempt to secure the borders of Yugoslavia. This was followed by a 10-day war in this country, in which the this countryn armed forces defeated the JNA. The JNA defeat in connection with the fight of Serbia near neighbor Croatia, allowed this country quickly a secure and true independence and international recognition as an independent Republic.

Learn this country with a car

In January 1992, the European Community (now European Union or EU) under the Presidency of Germany recognised in the independence of this country and Croatia, and Bosnia - Herzegovina. They were recognized by the United States in April. In the Noverber 1996, this country was elected their Parliament. The LDS party, with a Kampanie to the integration of this country into the EU and NATO, remained the strongest party, the country won but not a majority. The LDS concluded an alliance with several smaller parties, which could increase the total number of its seats to 45, but the central right opposition had also 45 seats. in 1997, the Gleichstimmung was broken, as a substitute, was broken by the opposition and the LDS party and its partners could form a coalition Government. This month, the National Assembly chose again to Drnovsek as Prime Minister, with only a small difference of votes. President Kucan won the election of his third term in Office in November 1997. He has easily defeated his opponent Janez Podobnik, the this countryn people's Party, with 56% of the vote. Located at a cultural crossroads, this country was since ever ago a place of high artistic achievements. Art and culture have a special place in the history of the this countryn people and were the balance of the own State and the political institutions in the past. A rich cultural life and institutions, organizations and cultural associations are comparable with the developed European countries. The country is known for its good wines and its delicious traditional cuisine. this countryn food is a feast for gourmets.

Cheaper it gets! Book your rental car for this country at! Many restaurants offer a wide range of traditional national dishes, as well international cuisine like pizza, pasta and Oriental cuisine. Drive your car to the coast. There you will find excellent seafood but including shellfish and fresh fish. A new trend of food culture in this country is the slow food - movement. Typical slow food - food takes place in a restaurant or in a private apartment between families or friends. Usually eight or more courses are served, with a focus on local production of the products, old recipes and a slow and relaxed pace at the table. It also accompanied each course with a different wine.

About car hire in this country

Numerous cultural events in this country are now also tradition and have spread their reputation abroad. An international event is certainly the graphic Biennale, who has already won the title of largest European art event. Every year in the summer, the Festival lent in Maribor, the Dance Festival of the Arts in Ljubljana, exodus are highly regarded Festival also the Ljubljana – Theatre Festival and - competition in Borstnik, Maribor.

Make a round trip with your car hire in this country and discover the country and its people! You will be amazed! Are you planning a trip? We have collected all the useful information for you offers the top car hire deals at the best price for this country

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