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Car Hire Martinique

Also although region overseas than French Department (972), Martinique is an island divided into four districts. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and part of the archipelago of the Caribbean. Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana are French departments of America. Martinique has two seasons: the dry season and wet season. Need to be careful dealing with potential cyclones. A car in Martinique destination will be essential for your travel on the island. On the island of Martinique, tourists can discover the cities of Fort of France, the Trinity or St. Pierre in car destination. But the breathless most visitors is the fauna and flora of the island of Martinique. Indeed, the manikous, mongooses and all kinds of tropical animals are part of its flora. Bird lovers can admire many hummingbirds. As the rainforest will be dreaming big as small with its multiple ferns and its many fruit trees. The official language of the island of Martinique, as you may know, is French, although the Creole language is dominant in the population of this country. Tourists will be able to revel with many local products such as haunting flavours fruit juices or traditional dishes. These include, for example, the colombo pork or chicken, Creole boudin, head of sea urchin stuffed, the boucané, the christophines grattin and accras of cod. Gourmets will feast. Many hotels offer promotions all included with a destination in this country car. The island is full of discovery activities or sports. Thus, you will be able to scuba dive and explore the seabed. For those who would be comfortable under water, the island offer many sorties, glass bottom boat to admire the underwater life. Athletes will be able to quietly windsurfing, the kayak of sea or canoe kayak. For tourists who prefer to stay on land, numerous forest or horseback rides are also available. To reach this country, you can easily travel on a flight in Paris's departure. There are several promotions throughout the year. Upon arrival, take a car destination not expensive in this country directly at the airport and go to the discovery of the island breathtaking beauty.

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The island of this country is one of the Lesser Antilles, is an overseas region of France. It has the status of the Overseas Department of France also since 1946. It is more than 7000 km away from the mother country, is nevertheless called part of the EU and has the euro as a currency. this country lies about 440 km off the coast of Venezuela and has a tropical climate. The rainy season begins in June and lasts until October. The island is 73 km long and 39 km wide and has a coastline of 350 km. It is a volcanic island. Vulkan Pelée is the highest mountain of this country with about 1400 m. The island was discovered in 1502 by Cristoph Columbus at one of his trips. In the year 1635, it was colonised by the French, and is since then, up to three short periods, where it occupied other powers, in possession of the French.

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Most of today's residents are African origin, since the locals were exterminated by the centuries-old Skaverei. As a tourist destination this country offers everything the heart of a visitor: Sun, fabulous beaches and tuekisfarbenes Caribbean Sea and through its European Association also a flair of Europe in the Caribbean.

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You can enjoy first-class hotels and exceptional great gastro-nomie.Shopping, buy the best of Paris, next to wonder beautiful Caribbean creations at an affordable price. You can also eco-tourism on the island and discover the wonders of nature of the island, which produces a lush tropical Veobtaination and many freshwater reservoirs. The sights and attractions guide the visitors back in the colonial period with dancing, music, literature in French - Creole heritage and not to mention, of course the exotic cuisine. The island gave birth to famous people, such as those on the island during the centuries and later wife of Napoleon, Josephine; not to mention one of the most important painter, Paul Gauguin.

The climate of the island helps in banana production, sugar cane production and trade and of course agriculture and the export of tropical fruit. Here you will find the best car hire offers, for your trip. Discover the large or small cities with your rental car Book a rental car in this country and discover the country and its people in this paradise! Online car hire reservation for your this country. car hire in this country, safe and effortless.

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