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Reykjavik Car Hire

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Fiskislod 18, Reykjavik, 101 (Iceland)
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Airport (1.5 km)
Haaleiti (3.0 km)
Port (4.0 km)
Stn Only For Cruise Ships Passenger, 600
Kopavogur (5.3 km)
Bæjarlind 4, Kópavogur, 201
Árbæjarsafn (5.7 km)
Holtavegur 10, 104
Drangahraun 3, Hafnarfjörður

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Car Hire Reykjavik

The capital of the Iceland, Reykjavik or the Bay of smoke in its literal translation, made more than a dream. It is the most populous city of Iceland, the country whose landscape live our dreams. Subpolar oceanic climate close to the Polar circle, refresh the tourists. This modern metropolis has everything to surprise its visitors. The Iceland also has other, smaller, cities such as Kópavogur, Garðabær. At the cultural level, the city of Reykjavik offers many museums such as the national museum glorifying Icelandic culture, and the Museum of the heritage of the Iceland. The destination of car in Reykjavik will be useful for travel in any flexibility. The open-air Reykjavik Museum is not to miss, because one can see approximately 30 houses of the 19th century in which are the objects and can be cross artisans at work. The Cathedral, which is almost as old as the city of Reykjavik, is also not to be missed. The countries situated to the North were often short nights, see a total absence of night during the summer, a curiosity of nature to those who live in the central regions of the world.

Reykjavik sky breathless as the largest small and tired tourists can take advantage of the many hotels spas which includes the city of Reykjavik and stays now offered at low prices. Nothing beats a relaxation session after a long walk in the cold. But really worth the glance in Iceland is outside Reykjavik, in a little more down in the land and somewhat desert regions that offer unforgettable landscapes. Thus, a destination car in Reykjavik will be very useful to visit the famous volcanoes and blithely into hot springs. Indeed, there is a bus system to move, but it is not always clear to respect and inflexible schedules.

For more freedom, the destination drive from Reykjavik is rigour, especially if you plan to go camping in the a little less fresh days of summer. It will have to equip themselves good bags sleeping and a tent big enough for the whole family. It is easy to travel to Reykjavik by Low Cost flights, including those proposed by the company Icelandair flights spend all by Reykjavik. Visitors will be able to think about reserving a destination car before their arrival in Reykjavik to take advantage of additional travel freedom and still visit the area around Reykjavik.

More Information About Reykjavik

The Bay of the smoke of Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. But it is not smoke and steam from hot springs, which bubble up in the area of the city counted about 120,000 inhabitants out of the ground.

Reykjavik on Iceland

The sparsely populated town can visit the best with a cheap rental car. In Reykjavik, there is plenty of space, lots of light (in summer) and lots of Nordic culture. Such as the national collection of manuscripts is located in the listed the Museum of the cultural heritage of Islands. The National Museum houses valuable, old jewelry, weapons, but also ancient objects of everyday life. The Thorhammer is especially impressive.

Just outside of the town centre in the suburb Árbær, conveniently reachable with the car, you can put itself in the large open air museum in the 19th century. Thirty houses and peat huts with some original Interior let us cherish the achievements of the modern era. The Hallgrímskirkja Church testifies to the innovative architecture of Islands, this futuristic work of art is one of the highest building in the country and overlooks the city centre. Also Perlan in the District of Öskjuhlið, with the huge Heißwasserspeichern of the city under a glass dome puts one in the future. There are also a small Museum of saga and a restaurant under the dome. For a good meal there, you can process his impressions alone. The rental car is waiting patiently. Find cheap flights to Iceland and book the best hotels in Reykjavík and a cheap car. Will receive them directly at the car hire at the airport and off it go!

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