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Car Hire Egypt

Egypt is a country in North Africa. It has a large coastline along the Mediterranean. A destination of car in Egypt is recommended for to move you freely in the country. Egypt is a country very rich and very eventful history. He keeps numerous remains that you can discover by browsing in destination country car in Egypt.

Move destination car in Egypt

To go to Egypt, you will be able to fly and land in one of the airports in the country. After your flight, you can easily retrieve your car destination not expensive in Egypt to visit your place of residence. In the country, it will be also possible to move by train or by bus. You will also have the possibility to come directly to the destination car in this country with the road network leading to the country. Once in this country, you will need to go to Cairo, to see the souk Khan El-Khalili, the El-Azhar, the mosque Sultan Hassan mosque and the Er-Rifa'i mosque. The this countryian Museum, the Gayer-Anderson Museum and the Citadel are also compelling sites.

The unavoidable visits in this country

Rendezvous, destination car in this country, the site of the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. You can also go to the site of Saqqara and Dahshur. In destination car in this country, go to Alexandria to see Library Alexandrina, the catacombs of Kom el-Chouqafa and the Museum of the jewellery of the Royal family. The temple of Edfu and Kom Ombo temple are compelling places on a trip to this country. At Luxor, you will see the temple, the Museum of the city and the Museum of mummification without forgetting the Theban necropolis consisting of the colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and the temple of Hatshepsut.

Head, in destination car in this country to Sinai where you can discover the natural park of Ras Mohammed and the Canyon of colors. Go also to Saint Catherine to discover the monastery and undertake the rise of the famous Mount Sinai. Don't forget to make a boat along the Nile ride on your trip in this country. During your holidays in this country, you will have the opportunity to discover the gastronomy of the country.

At the time of your steps in destination car in this country, you will find small local restaurants that will make you enjoy a hummus, puree of peas chickpeas with Sesame or even a kebab, kofta meat of sheep.

More Information About this country

this country is on the nordafrika technical. It has a population of about 78 million and the capital is Cairo. It borders on the Sudan, Libya and Israel. Seine east coasts bordering the Red Sea and the North coast of the Mediterranean, which are connected through the Suez Canal. this country is a country of the counter sets.95% of the land are hot desert and the Nile only 5% are irrigated from the largest river of the country, which shaped the history of this country.

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Discover this country with a car

this country is not only one of the oldest civilizations of the world, but also of the oldest resorts. Already the ancient Romans and Greeks visited the country to admire the first wonders of civilization. this country has to offer more than culture, monuments and the pyramids today. Shimmering nightclubs, luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Go by your rental car through the land to the Temple of Luxor, the Sphinx of Giza to the Karnak Temple, or the Valley of the Kings, where all this country's Pharaohs buried.

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Conveniently travel with a car in this country

Drive your car to the Red Sea. You can discover the treasures of the sea in the Red Sea while diving. Continue along from Cairo on the Nile by boat, or spend a night at the Grand Opera of Cairo. Visit the breathtaking museums in Cairo and Alexandria, which show the wonderful culture of this country. Tempt you from your car hire in the whole country and discover one of the most wonderful and ancient civilizations of the world on your own.

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