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Quebec City Airport Car Hire

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505 Rue Principale, Quebec, G2g 0j4, Quebec, Qc, Quebec (Canada)
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Car Hire Quebec City Airport

Quebec, the metropolis of the Canada is the main town of the Province of Quebec. This is often confusing. People do not know themselves, if we speak of the city or the Province of Quebec. But they take with lightness. The people of Quebec are well known for their humour and their joy of living. With more than 877,000 people, Québec is located on a strait. It is also the reason for which it was formerly called "kebek", which had the meaning "there where water is ressèrent". Its winter and d carnivals was and the château Frontenac, a former luxury hotel located in the heart of the city have made her famous. It is the only walled located north of the Mexico City. Many European expatriates come there. We note today; historical monuments give Quebec from European air. This is not by chance that it is often called world culture heritage. The flight to Québec since Paris takes approximately 11 hours. At international airports, it is convenient to hire a car to go directly to the city. With more than 11 000 beds available to them, tourists have a wide choice to find the accommodation that suits them best. Old, completely fortified Quebec City is located on the top of a hill. The Interior of the walls, there are a large number of museums and churches. It is possible to access these neighbourhoods by stairs but by rack and pinion train, which is in itself, has become an attraction for tourists. Outside of the city, you can enjoy many activities. With the car destination, access to the large Canadian national park in a few minutes. The Province of Quebec is almost three times larger than the France. It is good practice to go to the different corners of the region through the car destination. For example the Park of the Montmorency falls, a waterfall of 83 metres in height and which is almost 30 metres higher than that of Niagara falls. In addition, it is very pleasant to walk in the Park and enjoy the nature. Then, can continue to ride with the car of destination in the direction of Montréal. To reach the capital of the Canada it takes well about 3 hours by car.

More Information About Quebec City

Quebec is the capital of the French colony in Canada. It was founded at the beginning of the 17th Jhrs., and has today about half a million inhabitants. Quebec is the heart of the oddball culture of North America in the eponymous city of Canada. Quebec is very important, historical importance, that is why the old town is as a UNESCO World Heritage site with your fortresses.

Visit the coastal city of Halifax or something South East metropolis Montreal, also located in the province of Quebec Western! Book your rental car for Quebec online. Rental cars equipped with GPS / navigation systems for Quebec. Book holiday car at! Tourism is very encouraged in Quebec. Book a rental car and discover the winding streets of the city and the surroundings, which is decorated with many small villages kopfsteingepfalsterten. In Quebec French is spoken predominantly, with English widely understood. The city offers a remarkable Harbour, which lies at the confluence of the rivers - St. Lawrence and St. Charles River.

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Experience Quebec with a car

Go into your rental car and visit some of the best museums and galleries of Canada, offered by Quebec. One of the fine arts is du Quebec, over 20 000 exhibits Casa, including a large collection of paintings and sculptures. Continue with your rental car through the city and visit the different buildings in a Renaissance style. These include the Bundestag and the National Assembly. In the lower town district, you will also find many attractions. Visit the old port district and the historical place with your rental car Royale.

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Learn Quebec with a car

Quebec's most popular attractions include the river cruises - ferry trips, where you can admire the city skyline or if something goes outside the ferry, small whales close vessels with swimming. Drive your car to the well-equipped Observatory, the Observaroire de la Capitale. There, you can enjoy city to a panoramic view of Quebec. Let rest your rental car and walk through the many parks and gardens of Quebec. Visit the national parks in the vicinity, such as the Laurentides wildlife preserve with your rental car. One attraction is the Sainte Anne Canyon with its beautiful waterfall and a magnificent view.

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